Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement

About Hopping Kangaroo

Our Philosophy

The Hopping Kangaroo is Australia's leading supplier of quality Flags and Flag Lapel-Pins from all countries around the world.

We are constantly updating our range of international flags, Hand Waver flags, Novelty and Historical
Flags as well as Flag Lapel Pins, Friendship Pins, Mini Boxing Gloves and Country Patches

The Hopping Kangaroo have a strong belief in maintaining and expressing
national pride - not only for the country of your birth but also for the country
you have adopted as your home.

Displaying your flag shows others where you come from and helps them
appreciate the variety of cultures that live in Australia.

By listening to our valued clients we aim to provide the type of flags and
Flag Lapel Pins, Flag related Products, you require for any purpose.

We provide a fast reliable service with a personal touch.

Looking for a flag that is not on the list or have any questions please

Call The Hopping Kangaroo now on 03 97032071 or 0418 367815
We are happy to be assist.

Click here to see the full range of The Flags of the World or contact Renata on 0418 367 815

Our flag makes a statement

Flying a flag can:

  • Express your national pride
  • Attract attention to your business
  • Make international clients feel welcome
  • Develop community pride and honour
  • Flags generate pride and respect
  • Click here to see our full range of Flags

    Afghanistan Flag,Albania Flag, Alberta Flag, Algeria Flag,Andorra Flag,Argentina flag,Aruba flag, Assyria flag, Assyrian Flag,Australia Flag,Austria Flag with Crest,Austria Flag no Crest,Azerbayian Flag,Azores Flag,Bahamas flag, Bangladesh Flag,Barbados Flag,Belgium Flag,Belize Flag,hutan flag,Bosnia-Herzogewina Flag,Brazil Flag, Brunei Flag,Bulgaria Flag,Burma Flag,Cambodia Flag,Canada Flag,Chile Flag, China FLag,Colombia Flag, Chad Flag,Cook Island Flag,Costa Rica Flag,Croatia Flag,Cuba Flag, Cyprus Flag,Czeck.Republic Flag,Denmark Flag,Dominica Flag,Dominica Republic Flag,East Timor Flag,Egypt Flag, Dutch Flag, England Flag,El Salvadore Flag, Ecuador Flag,Estonia Flag,Ethiopia Flag, Europe Flag,Falkland Island Flag, Fiji Flag, Finland Flag,France Flag, Friesland Flag, German Flag, Germany Flag with Eagle, Ghana Flag, Gibraltar Flag, Greece Flag,Grenada Flag,Guam Flag, Guatemala Flag, Guyana Flag,Haiti Flag,Honduras Flag,Holland Flag,Hong Kong Flag,Hungary Flag with Crest, Hungarian Flag no Crest,Iceland Flag,Isle of Man Flag, Isle of Scilly Flag, Isle of Wight Flag, Israel Flag, Italy Flag, Jamaica Flag,Japan Flag, Japan Rising Sun Flag, Kenya Flag,Kiribati Flag,Korea North Flag, Korea South Flag,Kyrgyzstan Flag, Kurdistan Flag, Kurdish Flag, Latvia Flag, Lesotho Flag,Lebanon Flag, Liechtenstein Flag, Lithuania Flag, Luxembourgh Flag, Macedonia Flag, Malaysia Flag, Malta Flag, Maldives Flag, Malawi Flag, Mauritius Flag, Mauritania Flag, Mexico Flag,Micronesia Flag, Mongolia Flag,Montserrat Flag, Morocco Flag,Monaco Flag,Mozambique Flag, Netherland Flag, New Zealand Flag, New Zealand Silver Fern Flag, Nicaragua Flag, Niger Flag, Nigeria Flag, Nordfriesland Flag, Norfolk Island Flag, Northern Ireland Flag, Norway Flag, Oman Flag, Pakistan Flag, Palestine Flag, Panama Flag, Papua New Guinea Flag, Paraguay Flag, Peru Flag, Phillipines Flag, Poland Flag, Portugal Flag, Puerto Rico Flag, Quebeq Flag, Quatar Flag, Romania Flag, Russia Flag, Russia Imperial Flag, Samoa Flag, Scotland Flag, Royal Scotland Rampant lion Flag,Serbia Flag, Seychelles Flag, Singapore Flag, Slovakia Flag,Slovenia Flag, Somalia FLag, South Africa Flag,Spain Flag,Sri Lanka Flag, St.Andrews Cross Flag, St.Georges Cross Flag, St.Helena Flag, St.Georges and Sandwiches Island Flag,Sudan Flag,Sweden Flag,Swiss Flag, Switzerland Flag, Syria Flag,Taiwan Flag, Tanzania Flag, Thailand Flag, Tibet Flag,Tonga Flag,Trinidad&Tobago Flag,Tunisia Flag,Turkey Flag,Tuvalu Flag,Ukraine Flag,United States of Ameria Flag, USA FLag, Stripe and STar Flag, United Nation Flag, USSR Hammer/Sickel Flag,Utrecht Flag,Uzbekistan Flag,Vanuatu Flag, Vatican City Flag, Vietnam North Flag, Vietnam South Flag,Wales Flag,Yugoslavia Flag,Zambia Flag, Zaire Flag, Zaire-Congo Flag, Zimbabwe Flag, American State Flags,Alabama FLag,American Samoa Flag,Arizona Flag,California Flag,Florida Flag,Georgia Flag,Haiwai Flag, Hawaian FlagIllinois Flag, IndianaFlag,Kansas Flag,Kentucky Flag,Maryland Flag,Minnesota Flag,New Hampshire Flag, New York Flag,North Carolina Flag, Ohio Flag,Oklahoma Flag, Pennsylvania Flag,Rhode Island Flag,South Carolina Flag, South Dakota Flag,Tennesse Flag,Virgina Flag, West Virginia Flag,Wyoming Flag, German Provinces Flags, Danzig Flag,Niederschlesien Flag,Oberschlesien Flag, Ostpreussen Flag,Ostpreussen-Landmannschaft Flag, Pommern Flag, Westpreussen Flag,Baden-Wuertemberg Flag,Bayern Flag,Berlin Flag, Brandenburg Flag,Bremen Flag,Hamburg Flag,Hessen Flag,Meckelenmburg-Vorpomern Flag,Niedersachsen Flag, Nordrhein-Westfalen Flag, Rheinland-Pfalz Flag, Saarland Flag,Sachsen Flag,Sachsen-Anhalt Flag,Schleswig-Holstein Flag, Thieringen Flag, Aboriginal Flag, Torres Strait Island Flag, Tiwi Flag, Celtic Cross Flag, Celtic Pentagram Flag, Celtic Triquester Flag,Erin Go Bragh Flag, Eureka Flag, German Empire Flag, German World War 1 FLag, German World War 2 Flag, German 3rd REich Flag, Swastika Flag, Heraldic Lion Flag, Rebel Flag, USA Confederate Flag, USA 1st Confederate Flag, USA 2nd Confederate Flag, USA 3rd Confederate Flag, 13th Airborne Flag,Beer Flag, Bike on Confederate Flag, Bike on Eureka Flag, Bike on USA Flag, Bob Marlyn Flag, Bonnie Scotland Flag, Boxing Kangaroo Flag,Buddhist Flag, Thai Buddhist Flag, Checkered Racing Flag, Che Guevara Flag, Happy Birthday Flag,Earth Flag, Elvis Flag, Jim Morrison Flag,Jolly Roger Flag,Leatherpride Flag,Mardigras Flag, Marilyn Monroe Flag,Monaro Flag,Ol'Bikes & Whiskey Flag, Party Time Flag, Peace Flag,Queen Elizabeth Flag,Rainbow Flag, Santa Flag, Santa Claus Flag, S/ Happens Flag, Skull Red Eye Flag, Smiley Face Flag, Special Force Flag, US Air Force Flag, US Marine Corps Flag, Truck on Silverfern Flag.

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