Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement
Flags Down Under - Flags from around the world - Make a statement

Flags - Flag and Lapel Pins from all over the world

Australia's Premier flags and lapel pins, Desk Flags

Welcome to Australia's favourite Flag website

The Hopping Kangaroo proudly markets International flags, Country Flags, Historical flags, Novelty flags, Handwaver-Flags, Desk Flags. We are one of Australia's largest and most trusted supplier of flags - for every occassion.

Flag Lapel Pins and Friendship Pins are our speciality. From every Nation- & Sub Nations such as Malaysia States, England, Scotland you name it we have it.The Hopping Kangaroo supply flags, lapel pins, desk flags and handwavers throughout Australia and Overseas.

Please speak to one of our helpful staff on (61) 3 9703 2071 or email us today. Click here to ask about your flag

Our Flags make a Statement

We sell Flags from around the globe - for many different occasions

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Australia's Premier flag and lapel pins, Desk Flags

Lapel Flag Pins of every Nation - & Novelty Pins, Historical Lapel Pins

Flag Lapel Pins, Flag Badges off states from all around the world. Novelty Lapel Pins.
Historical Flag Lapel Pins, Badges of historical value.
The Hopping Kangaroo is proud to say, Yes we have every single Nation as a Lapel Flag Pin and more. All Lapel Pins shown on our website are available for immediate delivery.
New - Abkhazia Badge, Adjara Hat Pin, Alaska, City of Cairns Flag Pin,Micronesia Chuuk,Pohnpei,Kosrae, Autonomous Country Flag Pins, Historical Flag Pin Zanzibar, African Corps, Prussia East, Prussia West,
All our Lapel Badges are of High Quality - Measurement: 18.5 x 20.5mm, Butterfly Clutch. Silver Nickel finish
Pay only $ 3.50 each

Click on Single Pin Flag Picture to view range of Pins in our NEW ON LINE STORE
Brunei Flag Badges ,Lapel Pin, Flag Pin

Friendship Lapel Pins (Double Pins)

The Hopping Kangaroo proudly sells Friendship Pins, Flag Lapel Badges, Cross Pins,

Crossed Flag Pins make great "emotional" presents. Hand out Friendship Pins to people you meet on your travels.
Celebrate and embrace your adopted country and your home country by wearing a crossed flag pin. Show solidarity and respect by wearing a Friendship Pin.
If you need any other combination of Friendship Lapel Pins - or any other design please do not hesitate to
Call us on (61)3 9703 2071 or 0418 367 815 we are happy to be of service.
Click here to view our Friendship Pins
Crossed flag badge  Australia/ Canada Friendship  Pin,

International Flags

Staff and Management of The Hopping Kangaroo wishes all our friends, business partners, and all the people from UGANDA a happy National Day. Celebrate in style.
Here are some great Ideas to display your flag: Display the FLAG on your National Day. Flag Day, Harmony Day,
At Multicultural Festivals, at schools, for street parades,
Greet your overseas family members, friends and associates by displaying their flag. Ogaden Flag, Puntland Flag,
Buy International Flags for your reception desk, Trade Fairs. Out of respect display the flag at a funeral.
See here
Uganda Flag, National Flag, World Flag Uganda

Novelty Flags 1500 x 900 mm

Novelty Flags give you great opportunities to express your mood, your party theme, decorate cubby houses, decorate your Man's cave with your favourite flags.
The Hopping Kangaroo stocks over 80 Novelty flags, from Christmas Flags, Happy New Year Flag to the Pirate flags, Confederate Flag, Bar Is Open Flag, Bob Marley Flag, Eureka Flag with Bike, Elvis Flag, Birthday Flags, It's a Girl, It's a Boy Flag, Motorbike Flags, Silver Fern Flag, Rainbow Flag, Buddhist Flag, Smiley Face Flag, Transgender Flag, Welcome Flag, SALE FLAG, AUCTION FLAG.
Progress Flag  Novelty Flag, Message Flag

Historical Flags

Are you interested in Historical Flags?
Flags can help you to understand the present. Historical Flags teach us about the past.
We offer a very substantial range of historical flags. From the oldest flag - Confederate, Rebel USA Flag, Raven Flag, Laos with Elephant flag, Iran Empire Flag, Old South Africa Flag. Previous Flag of Macedonia, Rhodesia, Old Hong Kong Flag, Malawi, Celtic Nation Flag, Ethiopia flag with Lion, you name it - we have it.
Ethiopia with Lion Flag, Historical, Collectors Flag

Deskflags 100% Polyester 15x10cm

Display Desk flags- Miniature Flags on your Reception-Desk. Single colour Flags such as Red, Green for office Icon, Yellow for Quarantine, United Nations, Asean Desk flag.
NEW: Italian Regional Desk Flags, Canada Provincial Desk Flags, German State Desk Flags, Spain Regional Desk Flags, Swiss Canton Desk flags,
Table flags make a great display in any boardroom where you meet yoaur business partners. Make them feel welcome by displaying their country flag.Flags make a statement and create respect.

We do stock over 500 Country Deskflags. International, Novelty, Historical flags.
Click here to see our List of Deskflags and Bases available
Desk flag  Display

Handwaver Flags 100% Polyester 45cmx30cm

The Hopping Kangaroo supplies flags for all occasions. Hand held flags for parades.Support the Olympic Team, Handwaver Flags are the perfect size to decorate any room. In your School, Church Hall, at a Multicultural office party. We believe in nations pride, most Australians come from far and wide. the Flag can say - this is me, this is my place, and we all get to appreciate the variety of states, cultures and race.
New Arrivals: Jubaland Hand Held Flag, Puntland Hand Waver Flag, South Western Somalia Flag on stick.

See all Hand waver flags pictured in our online store:www.flagsdownunder.com.au
Click here to see our list of Handwaver size Flags available
Handwaver Flag, Hand Held Flags, Flag on Poles

Flag Patches Mini Boxing Gloves, Mini Soccer Balls and Key Rings, Scarves

The Hopping Kangaroo has the biggest range of Country Flag Mini Boxing Gloves, Mini Country Soccer Balls, Key Rings and Scarves to choose from. Our Gold fringed Window Hanger are great gifts for your work mates , friends and family, A Christmas Gift with a meaning

Estonia Mini Boxing gloves, rear view mirror  decoration

National - & Independence Day's Month of December 2022

Thursday 1st - Central African Republic, Maldives, Romania
Friday 2nd - United Arab Emirates
Tuesday 6th - Finland, Myanmar
Wednesday 7th - Thailand
Friday 9th - Tanzania
Monday 12th - Kenya
Tuesday 13th - St Lucia
Friday 16th - Bahrain, Kazakhstan
Saturday 17th - Bhutan
Sunday 18th - Qatar
Tuesday 20th - Macau
The Hopping Kangaroo specialises in World Flags. International Flags, Flag Badges, Flag Lapel Pins, Deskflags, Table Flags, Handwaver Flags, Friendship Pins, Crossed Flag Pins,Flag Pins of States and Provinces, Islands, Regions, Counties, International Flag Decals, Mini Car Flags, Mini Boxing Gloves, Country Patches. Historical Flags. Novelty Flags, Happy Birthday Flags, Messaage Flags, Distributors in Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Horsham, Craigeburn, Canberra, Adelaide, Hahndorf, Croydon, Box Hill, Doncaster, Bentleigh, St Kilda
The Hopping Kangaroo your one stop shop for world flags and flag related products. All items available for immediate delivery. For easy purchasing we have created our on line store: www.flagsdownunder.com.au

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