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The Hopping Kangaroo proudly markets International Flags, Historical, Novelty, Hand Waver-Flags, Desk - Miniature Flags. Embroidered Flag Patches. Flag Lapel Pins and Crossed Flag badges are our speciality.
We are one of Australia's largest and most trusted suppliers of flags and flags related products- for every occasion.

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Did you know?

MONTENEGRO is the youngest country in the world. 

In 2006 Montenegro declared independence from Serbia.

Montenegro is not a member of the European Union however the adopted currency is the Euro.

Montenegro is situated on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. 

The Bay of Kotor, with its fjord-like scenery and medieval towns are recognised as a natural and cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

Places to go!  

See Werribee City centre come alive on Friday 28th June for the WINTER STREET PARTY
from 4 pm to 9pm, Free Entry.

SWAN HILL Rural city Council is holding the RIVER LIGHTS again at the Pioneer Settlement, 125 Monash Drive Swan Hill.  From 28th June to 7th July. An experience not to miss. 

Electric Wonderland 28th June to 14th July in Bendigo
Visit the very popular Electric Wonderland at the historic Rosalind Park Bendigo.
For Bookings 1800 813 153.

Lapel Flag Pins

We stock a huge range of Lapel Flag Pins -not just of Nations, also Subnational Flag Pins, Provincial Flag Pins, State, Territories, Islands, Canton and Japan Prefecture Flag Pins. Historical and Novelty Pins, 

The Hopping Kangaroo is proud to say - All Lapel Pins shown on our online store are available for immediate delivery. From the common countries to the unusual such as Australia National Colonial Flag Pin.

 All our Lapel Badges are of High Quality - Measurement: 18.5 x 20.5mm, 

Friendship Lapel Pins (Crossed Flag Badges)

The Hopping Kangaroo proudly sells and stocks an extensive range of Friendship Pins,  
When organising meetings with overseas business partners, Politicians, Dignitaries, The Hopping Kangaroo can help you with a respectful last touch to add to your To Do List.
With all countries in stock, you can be confident that all your guests will receive their respective country Crossed Flag Badge in time. 
Crossed Flag Pins make great "emotional" presents. Hand out Friendship Pins to people you meet on your travels. Celebrate and embrace your adopted country and your home country by wearing a crossed flag pin. Show solidarity and respect by wearing a Friendship Pin.           
Our Friendship Pins are of High Quality - Measurement: 18.5 x 28.5mm Silver Nickel finish with butterfly Clutch.  Australia/India Crossed Flag Badge

Novelty Flags 1500 x 900 mm

Novelty, Subnational Flags give you great opportunities to express your mood, decorate cubby houses, decorate your Men's cave with your favourite flags. Choose your favourite flag to decorate your room.   English Ancestors-display County of SUSSEX FLAG


the Hopping Kangaroo stocks over 80 Novelty, Subnational Flags, Bike on eureka Flag, Various Pirate flags, Bar Is Open, Birthday Flags, Silver Fern Flag, Rainbow Flag, Smiley Face Flag, Transgender Flag, German State Flag and many more. 
Shop at our online store Flags Down Under, for Novelty Flags!

Historical Flags - Are you interested in Historical Flags?

Flags can help you to understand the present. Historical Flags teach us about the past.

We offer a very substantial range of historical flags. From the oldest flag - Raven to, PRUSSIA, Iran Empire flag, Laos with Elephant flag, Previous South Africa flag. Previous Flag of Macedonia, Rhodesia, Colonial Hong Kong Flag, Ethiopia Flag with Lion, you name it - we have it.

Desk flags 100% Polyester 15x10cm.

Display Desk flags- Miniature flags on your Reception-Desk. At Schools, Conferences
Table flags make a great display in any boardroom where you meet your business partners. Make them feel welcome by displaying their country flag. Flags make a statement and create respect.


Handwaver Flags 100% Polyester 45cmx30cm

The Hopping Kangaroo supplies flags for all occasions. Handheld flags are great to wave at Sports Events, Multicultural parades. Handwaver Flags are the perfect size to decorate any room. In your School, Church Hall, at a Multicultural office party. We believe in nations pride, most Australians come from far and wide. the Flag can say - this is me, this is my place, and we all get to appreciate the variety of states, cultures and race.

Australia-HW50.png Australia-Boxing-Kangaroo-HW50.png United-States-of-America-HW50.png Haiti-HW50.png Skull-Eye-Patch-HW50.png

See all Hand waver flags pictured in our online store: www.flagsdownunder.com.au
Click here to see our list of Handwave size Flags available.

Flag Patches

The Hopping Kangaroo offers a large range of Embroidered Flag Patches, as Rectangular or as a Shield. All the Patches are made so you can just iron them on to your jacket or t-shirt.
Identify yourself. On your travels - have your embroidered country patch on your backpack


Shop at Flags Down Under for a lot more Flag related Products such as Mini Boxing Gloves, Mini Soccer Ball Keyrings Country Flag Scarves, Flag Patches

Gold Fringed Car Window Hanger

Thousands of people see your car - now they will also know of your cultural heritage.
Your car "trinket" now has value and importance to you and others. 

They make great gifts to your workmates and relatives.

   Philippines-Car-Flag50.png        Greece-Car-Flag-50.png          Maori-Car-Flag-50.png                                                           
Click here to see our List of Car Flags, Car Flag Decals