International Flags

Staff and Management of The Hopping Kangaroo wishes all our friends, business partners, and all the people from UGANDA a happy National Day. Celebrate in style.

Here are some great Ideas to display your flag: Display the FLAG on your National Day. Flag Day, Harmony Day, At Multicultural Festivals, at schools, for street parades, Greet your overseas family members, friends and associates by displaying their flag. Ogaden Flag, Puntland Flag.


Buy International Flags for your reception desk, Trade Fairs or Out of respect display the flag at a funeral.

Show your patriotism -be proud to Fly the Flag. Hire our Flags and Indoor Flag Poles and make a statement. Flags for school projects. Flags for conferences, Flags for Church conventions Our International Flags come in various sizes and fabrics: Flag Size: 1800 x 900mm Trilobal Heavy Duty outdoor flags, double stitched hem and sewn loops. Flag Size: 1500 x 900 mm Dye printed soft material, with eyelettes, great indoor flag Flag Size: 900 x 600 mm Dye printed soft material, with eyelettes, great flag for kids rooms. The most popular indoor flags are 1500 x 900mm.

A Flag, no matter where you place it, it will always touch peoples hearts. With our great variety of international flags, we are certain you will find that one special Country Flag. Buy a Flags for a great gift. International Flag are great for decorating a room. All Flags shown are available for immediate delivery. For urgent matters please ring 0418 367 815 or 9703 2071

Flags can create a great party atmosphere... invite your guests to represent an international country.Or decorate various rooms with International Flags. Give your guest a Boarding Card when he arrives at your party so that he can go to "Italy" or "Russia" make each room a fascinating theme (food, music, and of course the flags!) If you need the flag just for a short time, don't buy, just rent. Wave the flag for your team at any Sport Event. See our new Novelty flag Spain with the Bull

Display the flags in front of your business. A Flag in front of your house. Greet your overseas guests with a Flag representing their country. Flying the flag creates respect. Imagine a city without flying any flags - something vital would be missing. The Hopping Kangaroo stocks all International Flags.

Children are fascinated by flags. Kids love to learn from flags. Have a Harmony Flag Day or a Multicultural Day at school. Rent the flags and decorate your Gym. The Hopping Kangaroo stocks all International Flags, Historical and Novelty Flags.

Any good at Trivia? You can learn all about the thousands of flags available world wide via this website. As well as the traditional flags, we have Novelty Flags e.g. Elvis Flag, Party Time Flag, Speciality Flags Historical Flags e.g. Eureka Flag, Old Macedonia Flag, Old Bosnia Flag, THERE ARE FLAGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Sports Flags Spain with Bull Hire flags for your next party - or for your next convention